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You may have noticed it’s been awhile since I posted a mlog, and I definitely said I wanted to do one every week. Well, that certainly failed! I’m not too broken up about it; it was fun while it lasted, but it wasn’t really sustainable with my current schedule. I’d like to continue updating it every couple of months at least, but that may not even happen. I hope people weren’t getting too attached to weekly entries (I somehow doubt that, haha).

Until next time!


Posted 31 December 2013 by jonbash in Mlog

One response to “Mlog #… uhh…

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  1. You truly had an amazing year, and I don’t for one minute think it was dumb luck. You are going after what you want and you’re getting it because you’re conscientious, smart and able. If you didn’t see the doors, you wouldn’t know to open them. And if you didn’t have the courage to open them, you wouldn’t experience what’s beyond.

    I’m proud to be connected in a small way (as your mom-in-law) to your life and am enjoying watching as you travel around the sun.


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