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2013-12-29 22.22.25

I’ll be honest: I kind of hate tooting my own horn. I’m always, always, always wary of becoming “that guy” (ie, an arrogant bastard) who’s always self-promoting and overly proud of himself. However, I’m just honestly so excited and humbled by all the crazy stuff that’s happened to me this year, and I can’t help but think that it’s mostly dumb luck and being surrounded by awesome people. I’d like to recap this year mostly as a record for my future self, but also to show to any potential employers looking for a composer to give money to (HINT HINT directors, developers, everyone).

I managed to write music for 6 shorts:

…4 promotional videos:

…2 video games (still in progress!):

  • Tower of Innocence
  • Out of Time!

…3 EPs with VR Trainers (which were critically acclaimed!) (in addition to a handful of live shows and a feature article):

1 pep band halftime show

…and 1 senior recital (which received rave reviews from peers and mentors!).

I graduated magna cum laude and was named Presidential Scholar of the College of Fine and Performing Arts at WWU.

I co-taught a music education technology class.

I started grad school, was awarded an awesome assistantship, and when, er, the poop hit the fan, I took over full teaching duties for Music 101.

I was hired on to the crew of an awesome feature-length documentary as a musician supervisor and score consultant.

I started my first symphony and finished the first movement.

I went to my first video game convention!


2013-12-18 12.21.50I started this year out not sure of myself, just trying to graduate from college and stay afloat. I end it with a more confident stride and looking towards the future brightly, to use a handful of cliches. I’m really proud of everything I’ve accomplished this year, and I’m excited to try to make next year even half as exciting as this one. Thanks to the countless people who made this trip around the sun as awesome as it was.


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