Mlog 6 – Raid on the Digital Catacombs   Leave a comment

I managed to make something new this week! Huzzah!

This piece was almost entirely made in Max 6 using a random beat generator I’ve been building. It takes a folder of samples and randomly chooses one of them 16 times (or any other number of times you might choose), assigning random volumes, panning, and pitch to them. You can then adjust a delay unit, comb filter, and other filter to apply universally and adjust on the fly. There’s a bunch more intricacies, but it might be more worthwhile for you to just see a couple of pictures of it.

Here’s the “presentation mode” version…

Screenshot 2013-10-14 16.13.24







…and here’s some of the messy innards.

Screenshot 2013-10-14 16.14.03








Very fun to make! I’m still trying to consider what other parameters and/or effects I can add to it. Some way to save patterns would be cool. Also Rewire integration. And/or Soundflower. The possibilities are endless! (as is often the case in Max)

Anyways, I took a bunch of loops I generated and played with and layered them and arranged them in Logic. The only other thing I did in Logic was adjust some volumes and fades and apply some light compression. Enjoy the results!


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