Mlog 5 – Out of Time   Leave a comment

Yes, I’m double-dipping again. Next week I won’t, and that’s a promise (that I now have to keep since I committed to it in public…)!

This is menu music from a game I’ve been working on with some very talented folks in Seattle. I’ve been really stoked on all of it since I started working on it, so I wanted to share a little tidbit since the game is still in some pretty early stages of development. Once it’s released I’ll probably compiled the tracks into a soundtrack.

This particular track prominently features a melody that will act as a leitmotif of sorts throughout the soundtrack, symbolizing the protagonist’s rebellious struggle against the oppressive regime in his dystopian sci-fi world. It also serves to set the tone and pallette of the game’s musical landscape with its retro style synthesizers and sequences, although most of the in-game music will be much faster, intense, and upbeat.

As another little potentially interesting tidbit… We’re going to try doing a little bit of dual-track level-music crossfading ala FTL, where in one part of the level, one version of the music will play, but when you transition to a different section of the level, it will crossfade into an alternate version of the music (like with FTL’s explore vs. battle versions of music).

Here’s an extra sneak peak of some of the other music in the game, as well!



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