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This was something I wrote and recorded relatively quickly, partially by necessity and partially to give it a sort of raw feel. I am not a pianist, let alone a skilled one, and this was played live into Logic, hence the lack of tempo consistency. I kind of like it though; much more so than if I would have programmed it. It’s obviously simpler and more repetitive than what I usually write, with some obvious Philip Glass influence, and I had to fight my instincts to let that slide. I think it’s, at the very least, a good exercise to write music that goes against your instincts every now and then.

As the description will tell you, this was written as diegetic music (sourced from in-universe; in this case the characters are listening to it in their apartment in the background) for a short horror film being produced for the upcoming Bleedingham horror film festival in Bellingham, WA. I know, maybe it’s double-dipping… but I was working on that score all day today, and I didn’t want to give any of the more revealing music in the movie, even though I REALLY wanted to because I’m really excited for it. If you want to see the movie (and you should, along with others from the area), go to Bleedingham on October 26th at the Pickford Film Center!


Posted 30 September 2013 by jonbash in Mlog

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