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So I’ve started a weekly series where I’m going to write a short piece of music and post it up here every week. Er, that’s about it. Most of the time I’ll probably be imagining it as for a video game, since part of the purpose of this is to have a portfolio of music to play for people that I want to write music for.

The first entry in the series is an ambient track I made with Logic Pro X. I started by playing one chord on my guitar and putting a bunch of effects on it, then transposing that chord a bunch. Then I awkwardly played a software shaker and hi-hat on my keyboard to make for a weird, soft percussion pattern to give a semblance of the slow tempo, adding some pads and going from there. I regret to say that the keyboard sounds were slightly-tweaked presets. I wanted to tweak them a little more, but man, Sculpture (a Logic instrument) is a beast to try to figure out. Going to need to watch some tutorials on that one of these days.

In any case, the end result is something slow and atmospheric that I imagined being good background music for a dark, misty forest or a cave or some other archetypical RPG setting. I hope you enjoy.


Posted 6 September 2013 by jonbash in Games, Mlog, Music

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